Enhancing The
Quality of Life

Enhancing The Quality of Life

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Food State Vitamins & Minerals

Nu-factor® nutrients are 100%
in the form you find in nature.
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Nobel Prize Winning Research

Validated by robust research and nobel winning discoveries.
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Protected by U.S. District Court

We successfully proved our case before the U.S. District Court (Case no. C8920658SQ).

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Many People Are Eating Chalk. Are You?

Calcium supplements taken by millions of people come predominantly as calcium salts, with calcium carbonate being the most popular and touted as the best of the various calcium salts. But if you google the definition of calcium carbonate, you will realise it is "a...

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What Is The Connection? Honey, Oatmeal & Collagen

Why Honey? Honey is an excellent humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. If skin loses its ability to retain moisture then it appears wrinkled and dry. Honey maintains skin suppleness and elasticity. Honey also acts as an anti-irritant,...

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