Essential Fatty Acids Complex


Omega 3, 6, 9 With Antioxidant Booster

Promotes healthy cognitive function, mood stability, cardiovascular function, cholesterol levels, cellular defense, natural immunity, and the optimum production of energy. Added benefits include Superoxide Dismutase, a super antioxidant booster for overall wellness.


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Our formula contains beneficial unsaturated fatty acids in the proper ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids, and helps control inflammation in the body. According to, most people do not consume enough omega-3 fatty acids in relation to their omega-6 fatty acid intake, and this can exacerbate inflammation. Consuming correctly balanced EFA supplements can help correct this imbalance and reduce inflammation, thus reducing the pain, swelling, and joint damage associated with gout.

Note: One concern with regard to fatty acids from fish oil for gout is the purine content of fish oil. Purines are substances found in some foods, including the fatty fish that provide fish oil. When you consume foods with purines, your body breaks them down to form uric acid. The crystals that cause gout are made of uric acid. Thus, some worry that taking fish oil could exacerbate gout. Another concern with fish oil is that they may be derived from ocean or farm fish with mercury contamination.However, fish oil if it is pure and is processed properly, usually contain lower amounts of purines.

Nu-factor™ EFA Complex avoids any possible negative responses as it is 100% plant-grown.

In nature, oils and fats are bound intrinsically within their native plants or animals. In mammals for example fats and oils can be found within the cell membranes, bound as lipoproteins and therefore present as solids. Lipids are also transported around the body, but still bound to proteins and therefore, in a solid state rather than as free liquid fatty acids. In plants also, fatty acids are bound with proteins and other structures that maintain the lipid within a solid food complex.

The food ingredients delivering the nutrients in Nu-factor™  EFA Complex are prepared from high quality vegetable and plant oils. The Essential Fatty Acids in this formula are complexed in flaxseed oil, safflower oil, and corn oils.

In conventional oil extraction from seeds etc., the storage organ is exposed to physical conditions such as high temperatures and pressures to breakdown the physical matrix binding the lipid within the plant. This results in the release of the oil to enable its harvest, but also results in destruction of the complete food matrix.

The manufacture of Nu-factor® Food complex fatty acids is a three-stage process that restores the complex, solid structures that are found in nature.

  1. Free fatty acids are complexed with a protein rich nutrient media.
  2. The protein matrices with attached EFAs are then incorporated into a vegetable oil mix.
  3. Once this incorporation and metabolization is complete, the ‘broth like’ lipid complex is spray dried and vacuum packed to seal in the complete nutrient.

By complexing the liquid fatty acids into the protein matrix, the fatty acids are able to connect to free binding sites within the matrix. This creates a more complete and hence a more solid nutrient. This complex in turn delivers the EFAs into the even larger matrix of the native oils. This results in a solid form of the oil that is identical to its natural, whole food state.

In this form, the human body responds by readily accepting the Nu-factor™ EFA Complex, and ultimately, achieves maximum potency and health benefits.

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