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The vast majority (up to 95%) of vitamins and minerals consumed today are made from synthetic, laboratory-derived chemicals, known as isolated chemical nutrients or USP nutrients or USP isolates. USP isolates are in a form your body cannot readily accept because they lack the critical components found in food which are necessary for proper nutrient use within your body.

It just makes sense that we should take nutrients in forms as close as possible to how they occur in nature. Indeed, it is well-established that the actions of many nutrients are not due to one isolated element, but the synergistic interactions of a whole range of elements, or co-factors.

Nu-factor® Nutrients are grown organically, and come as food-form nutrients metabolised with supporting co-factors (like carrier proteins, lipids, enzymes, bioflavonoids, amino acids etc). This ‘food-matrix’ is essential for transporting the nutrients in your body and enables the receptor cells in your body to recognize and use the nutrients correctly and effectively.

More than 50 independent studies and published peer-reviewed articles show that, compared to other nutrient forms, Nu-factor® Nutrients:

  • Are more effectively absorbed, retained, and utilized in your body.
  • Do not cause trace mineral toxicity and stress.
  • Are significantly gentler on the stomach and skin.
  • Perform vastly better in terms of physiological activity (up to 1600% better).

Nu-factor®’s increased effectiveness and greater nutritional value mean that required dosage can be significantly lower than USP isolates, the risk of detrimental side effects are reduced, and they offer much better value for money.

Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds. Vitamins are biological complexes. The right form of vitamins can make a significant difference to your health, which can be evident in as little as a few weeks.

In 2004, Mr Kul C Gautam, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director highlighted that : “Vitamin and mineral deficiency ….. strikes at the core of your health and vitality. It remains widespread, posing devastating threats to health…”

Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Winner, says: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a nutrient deficiency.”

The need for proper nutrition is clear. Yet, it is unfortunate that up to 98% of nutrients available in the market today are synthetic, laboratory derived chemicals, known as ‘synthetic chemical isolates’, or ‘isolates’ in short. The question we need to ask is: are these “isolates” sold as “nutrients” meeting our nutrition needs? The evidence strongly suggests this multi-billion dollar industry has failed. Our generation is facing a health epidemic as degenerative ailments (like cancer) strike 1 in 3 of the population.

‘Isolates’ come in a form the body cannot readily accept because they are isolated from other critical components usually found in food and nature. These components are necessary for the proper delivery and use of the nutrient in the human body.

Only natural nutrients feed and heal the body and skin. They come embedded with supporting food co-factors and carrier proteins. This food-complex is essential for transport of the nutrients in the body and enable the targeted cells to access and benefit from the nutrients.

More than 50 independent studies confirm that Nu-factor® nutrients are 100% in the form you find in nature, and are up to 16 times more bio-available than conventional nutrients.

Nu-factor®. Nourish your body. From the inside-out and from the outside-in.

1937 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine
Dr Albert Szent Gyorgi won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for isolating crystalline Vitamin C from green pepper. However, as he continued to purify Vitamin C, he found that instead of making it more effective, his “Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)” was getting less beneficial. He concluded that isolated Vitamin C needed its original co-factors. He later confirmed that bioflavonoids, a nutrient co-factor, is instrumental in helping the human body absorb Vitamin C.
1999 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine
Dr Gunter Blobel was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering that proteins (a nutrient co-factor) have intrinsic signals that act as “address tags”, governing their transport and localization in the cell. These signals also determine whether a protein will pass through a membrane to a particular site within the cell or be exported out of the cell. In addition, his study confirmed that plants can transform inorganic substances into forms that are readily used by the human body.
2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine
The 2013 Nobel Prize honours Dr. James E. Rothman, Dr. Randy W. Schekman, and Dr. Thomas C. Südhof for discovering the molecular principles that govern how nutrients are delivered to the right place at the right time in the cell. Their research showed that a protein complex enables vesicles to dock and fuse with their target membranes. In the fusion process, proteins on the vesicles and target membranes bind to each other like the two sides of a zipper. The fact that there are many such proteins and that they bind only in specific combinations ensures that the right cargo is delivered to a precise location.

Interestingly, it turned out that vesicle transport and fusion operate with the same general principles in organisms as different as yeast and man. (Nu-factor® Technology uses bio-carriers like yeast and yoghurt to grow nutrients that come complete with proteins and other co-factors.)

What experts are saying about the rationale, research and technology behind Nu-factor®…

Dr Massoud Arvanaghi

“The technology and processes behind Nu-factor® nutrients come closest to nature and you do not need to use mega grams because it has both the message and messenger. They are targeted for the cells that need the nutrient. Conventional nutrients come as isolate USPs, and because they do not have other co-factors, are poorly absorbed and lack the targeting devices… with Nu-factor®… you will be getting greater benefit with less dosage.”

Dr Massoud Arvanaghi, (Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry, 1982, from the University of Southern California under the tutelage of the 1994 Nobel Laureate Professor George A. Olah). Dr Massoud received postdoctoral training in the study of advanced molecular science applications utilizing extreme environmental conditions at USC. He collaborated on several peer reviewed scientific articles with Prof. Olah, and is also co-author of more than three dozen scientific articles, reviews and patents published in major peer reviewed American and European Journals. Dr Massoud’s research efforts are concentrated in the areas of health, nutrition, food flavors, natural products, bio-fermentation, peptide, DNA/RNA synthesis, super acidic systems, toxicity, environmental and biotechnological products. He is a member of American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologies and American Herbal Products Association.

Dr Alain Khaiat

“I have looked through the Nu-factor® skincare range and ingredients list, and am confident of their safety and efficacy claims. Nu-factor® presents a unique approach to skin care.”

Dr. Alain Khaiat served 10 years as the Senior Vice President of Research & Development Asia Pacific for JOHNSON & JOHNSON Consumer Divisions, Singapore. Dr. Khaiat is President of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association of Singapore, a Vice President of the ASEAN Cosmetic Association, a member of the ASEAN Cosmetic Scientific Body and an expert advisor on Cosmetic Safety to the Singapore Health Sciences Authorities. He is also a Senior International Expert on Cosmetics (Post Market Surveillance, Product Safety, Product Efficacy and Quality) with Organizations such as the European Commission, the World Bank and the UN-International Trade Center.

Dr Khaiat received the In-Cosmetics Lifetime Achievement Award in Paris in 2010.

Dr Eric Llewellyn

“Most commercial nutrients and minerals are not in a suitable form for the human body. Only natural nutrients in food form feed and heal the body… Nu-factor® nutrients are 100% in the form you would find in nature.”

Dr Eric Llewellyn trained as a Naturopath at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London. In recognition of his groundbreaking work with nutrition, he was made a member of the Royal Society of Health. Dr. Eric is also an elected member of the Scientific and Medical Network. Dr Eric has worked in the field of dietary treatment of disease for over 30 years. He was involved with the opening of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and continues to work closely with a wide range of professors, medical doctors and complimentary therapists to design nutritional support programs that benefit medical institutions, clinics, as well as individuals, including top Olympic athletes.

Dr Peter Mansfield

“…quite literally, the next best thing to food……the biggest breakthrough in nutrition in decades… Clinical studies in humans confirm that these food-state nutrients have quite different biodynamics, potency and tissue availability.”

Dr Peter Mansfield (M.A., M.B, B Chir., Cert G.A.M., M.I, Psi.Med). Educated at Cambridge University and University College Hospital Medical School, where he was Research Fellow in Community Medicine before becoming a full-time General Practitioner in London, and later in Lincolnshire. He is the author of several books and scientific papers, and magazine articles. Dr Mansfield contributes regularly to a network television series on health, and founded Templegarth Trust in 1980 and Good HealthKeeping in 1987. Presenting during The First International Dead Sea Conference 1992 on “Re-integrating Nutrition”

Dr Rajendra Sharma

“Other than by juicing and trusting on the level of nutrients within the fruits and vegetables I used or by going for the ‘supergreen foods’, I could find no source of reliable nutrient supplementation other than from the US Company Grow Co Inc….we need supplements and we need them in their Natural State.”

Dr Rajendra Sharma (MB BCh LRCP&S (I) MFHom, is the author of The Family Encyclopedia of Health, and is the Medical Director of The Diagnostic Clinic, London. He is also the Secretary and Treasurer of the British Society of Ecological Medicine, a Member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and is a Peer Review Board Member for the London Anti-Aging Conferences held each year in September at The Royal Society of Medicine