Breakthrough Technology

It Took 20 Years To Develop Nu-factor® Breakthrough Nutrients.

Andrew Szalay discovered that every nutrient required its own unique peptide in order for it to be absorbed through the cell wall of the appropriate bio-carrier. It took much perseverance through trial and error before the right peptide sequence was discovered for each specific nutrient.

The Nu-factor® process utilises Nature to grow concentrated, natural, and complete nutrients in food form… a form your body recognises and appreciates.

Nu-factor® presents the most effective nutrients available to improve your quality of life. From the inside-out, and the outside-in.

The investment in time and effort was well worth it as it birthed a whole new way of producing vitamins and minerals that are natural, highly concentrated, and vastly superior.

Andrew Szalay

Founder of Grow Company USA, the world's premier manufacturer of nutrients and cosmetics ingredients.

The Nu-factor® ideology comes closest to nature and you do not need to dose with mega grams because Nu-factor® products have both the message and messenger. They target the cells that need the nutrient. Conventional isolated nutrients, because they do not have the necessary co-factors, are poorly absorbed and are not targeted… with Nu-factor®, you will be getting greater benefit with less dosage.

Dr Massoud Arvanaghi

Vice-president, Grow Company USA. Collaborated on several peer reviewed scientific articles with Dr. George Olah (1994 Nobel Laureate). Co-authored more than three dozen scientific articles, reviews and patents published in major peer reviewed American and European Journals. Dr. Massoud’s research has led him into the fields of molecular biology, nutritional supplements, anti-arthritis and anti-cancer drugs. He has a direct involvement with the FDA, and is a member of American Chemical Society, Institute of Food Technologies and American Herbal Products Association.

The Pinnacle of Health.
As Nature Intended.

Life can be succinctly expressed in terms of what is… and what ought to be.

In the beginning, creation was perfect. Everything needed for life at its optimum was freely available and embedded in the essence of every living thing. Indeed, the entire ecosystem was created so that abundant life could flourish.

Today, we find ourselves in a situation where the gulf between what is and what can be, is vast and ever widening. To envision the future, we need to appreciate the past and understand the present.

Nu-factor® believes there is much we can learn from the wisdom of Nature. We look to Nature to guide us in our product development and formulations. We leverage on science to validate and unleash all that nature intends.

The secret resides in appreciating the beauty and complexity of life, and being able to express it simply.

Profoundly Different
And Superior.

It is not widely known that commercial nutrients are predominantly synthetic isolated chemicals that are not in a suitable form for the human body.

Only natural nutrients feed and heal the body. Nu-factor® nutrients are 100% as Nature intended. We harness Nature to grow concentrated, natural, complete nutrients in food form. They are in the most compatible and usable form for your body, supporting and enhancing the innate regeneration of your cells at source.

All Nu-factor® nutrients are profoundly different and superior to conventional nutrients. Independent studies confirm that our nutrients are up to 16 times more bio-available than conventional nutrients.