Calcium supplements taken by millions of people come predominantly as calcium salts, with calcium carbonate being the most popular and touted as the best of the various calcium salts. But if you google the definition of calcium carbonate, you will realise it is “a white insoluble solid occurring naturally as chalk, limestone, marble…”

Unsurprisingly, researchers in the 2012 study concluded that “the consistent evidence is that conventional calcium supplements do more harm than good… and it is now becoming clear that taking this micronutrient is not natural, in that it does not reproduce the same metabolic effects as calcium in food”.

Independent research* demonstrate that food-form Nu-factor® Organic Calcium is up to 879% more bio-available compared to other forms of calcium and up to 356% more effective in reducing fasting glucose.
*J.A Vinson “Comparison of Calcium Absorption”, University of Scranton, USA.

How do you stop doubling your risk of heart attack? Stop eating chalk! For a list of calcium salts that research shows are not natural, click here.

Take the calcium you need from dietary sources; dairy products (not ‘enriched’ or ‘fortified’), vegetables, fruits, legumes and white beans, etc. To augment your calcium needs, take only food-form calcium supplements; like Nu-factor® Organic Calcium Plus supplements.

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