Bones are the storage tank for calcium compounds that regulate the acid-base balance of the blood. When the blood becomes even slightly too acidic, calcium and magnesium are leached from bones to reduce the acidity.

This leaching occurs as a buffering method to keep blood pH in the healthy 7.35-7.45 range. A low pH means too much acidity. Requiring the body to use this method all the time to maintain blood pH leads to osteoporosis and other illnesses.

The danger is that you might not even realize you have onset of osteoporosis until you have a fracture or an obvious change in posture. In fact, you could have significant bone loss without even knowing it. Back pain, caused by changes in the vertebrae, may be the first sign that something is wrong.

It is an established fact that ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) leaches calcium and other minerals from the body. The pH of ascorbic acid is very low at pH 2.2. Megadoses (500 mg and larger) of ascorbic acid lower pH and should be avoided.

To address this problem, some companies market ‘buffered-C’ (calcium ascorbate) as a superior form of vitamin C. Calcium ascorbate is essentially ascorbic acid paired with calcium carbonate. The thinking is that since it comes with calcium, this will prevent the leaching of calcium from your bones.

The problem with this is that calcium carbonate is in fact, chalk! (google “calcium carbonate definition”). The body is not able to efficiently utilize chalk, so leaching of your bone calcium still occurs.

But worse, a published 2012 study of 24,000 Germans over 11 years found that taking calcium carbonate doubles your risk of heart attacks! (Read More) 

In contrast, Nu-factor® Vitamin C is pH neutral. All the benefits. None of the bad.

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